Email is still a winning strategy; 11 kinds of email that connect with customers

Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches—at scale.”

David Newman

Since the time of Ray Tomlinson in 1972, when he was credited to inventing email, — sending messages from one computer to another, emails have always been in the top spot of communication and marketing.

In times like these, the social media era, many think email as a formidable tool for communication and marketing has become obsolete, on the contrary, it’s still very efficient, and can be as savvy as you can make it.

It’s understandable, the average person receives about 120 emails per day with an open rate of only 17%; it would take real value to get high interactions with your email. It’s that the value of the content you send that really differentiates you.

With our expertise as digital marketing professionals, at Greentrail Media, we’ll take your communications and marketing ideas, make it a valuable mix and deliver for better email interactions.

Here, we’ve put together ten (10) kinds of email that would guarantee high interactions and good value for your subscribers and target audience that translates to growth in the long run.

Here you go…

1. The Welcome Email

Who doesn’t love a warm welcome? A Welcome email is sent to subscribers within 24 hours after they opt-in to your subscription. It’s as simple as it is, creatively telling them how happy you are to have them subscribed, and then lays out some of the things they can expect to receive in their inbox.

Email options that are winning

2. The Offer Email

This email targets to give some offer to subscribers or get a lead. It includes a discount, coupon, or some other special deal that you send out for people to carry out an action or being in a special group. Offer emails typically have high open rates.

Whether or not your business model includes offering sales and discounts, it’s a good idea to send out some sort of special offer just for your subscribers every now and then. This shows your appreciation and drives sales.

Winning Offer Email types by Greentrail Media

3. The Survey Email

A really good email marketing campaign isn’t a monologue… it’s a dialogue. Your subscribers want interaction and your business is the initiator, so ask them for their input via Survey Emails. It’s a simple email (typically sent within the first couple weeks) that asks them to respond to certain questions around topics relevant to your product. You can then use this information to better tailor your marketing efforts to their needs.

Winning Offer Email types by Greentrail Media

4. The Request Email

This kind of email takes some time to initiate, because you have to have delivered something of good value consistently. The request email sorts of asks for a little something in return. This email can be used to ask for a favor, such as a testimonial or review on a particular site towards the company’s products or service.

Winning Request Email types by Greentrail Media

5. The Newsletter Email

This is one of the most popular email category organizations send. Newsletter emails get a lot of focus especially in the email marketing circles but don’t fall into the trap of sending boring or uneventful newsletters just for the sake of sending newsletters, it might backfire to followers subscribing instead. When sending newsletters attach valuable official information and don’t do it too boringly often.

Winning Offer Email types by Greentrail Media

6. The Free Gift Email

People like freebies, it’s a fact, and learning to use it to your advantage is a high return skill. An exclusive, free gift email sprinkled in to your email marketing campaign will work like magic to keep your subscribers engaged and, well, subscribed.

So what kind of a free gift should you send? An easy way to start is with something downloadable.

Winning Offer Email types by Greentrail Media

7. The Abandoned Cart Email

This works especially for e-commerce businesses. With the right site tracking tools in place in your website and as customers are logged into their accounts, you can tell when they add an item to their shopping cart and abandon it before completing the purchase. Sending a nice email reminding them that they haven’t checked out is a very effective way drive final sales, or even help them prioritize their buying decision for your product or service.

Winning Offer Email types by Greentrail Media

8. The Curated Content Email

In our digital world where information is key, developing curated content on a topic or more, different sectors of a market, entertainment and key valuable content, is the key point. It is a collection of relevant high quality and value-based content. Some ways to curate content may include gathering influencer(s) advice on a topic, get the “best of the week” content from key industry, or gather a collection of “your best content pieces” about a topic.

Winning Offer Email types by Greentrail Media

9. The Announcement Email

Everyone likes to be treated in a unique, special way. So anytime your organization has a new product to launch or announcing an event, getting your subscribers aware creates that special feeling of relevance and doubles also to conjure excitement.

Announcement emails are relatively simple to set up, but the rewards, in the long run, helps create that exciting, special feeling that turns subscribers to fans.

Winning Announcement Email types by Greentrail Media

10. The Progress Milestone Email

Progress is a motivator. Informing and showing your community about the several milestone progress made so far, makes them (your subscribers) become a part of that success story, that feat and plugs them in, motivating them to be part of the “do more initiative”.

Winning Milestone Email types by Greentrail Media

11. The Anniversary Email

Everyone likes to be celebrated, so as much as possible celebrating birthdays, anniversary (work or personal based), 1-year anniversary of a subscriber joining your list, or a big milestone for your list in general. This email serves to enable you to celebrate your subscribers on a very valuable touchpoint, relationship hence becomes more personal, deepening the relationship even further.

Winning Anniversary Email types by Greentrail Media

In conclusion, emails are supposed to help your business build a community of fans, and here at Greentrail Media, one of our specialty is birthing your ideas creatively, let’s help you build your community via email. Reach out to us today!

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