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The Challenge:

Bolton Projects and Contracts is a leading real estate development company and recently developed Bolton Hills, four (4) semi-detached 5-bedroom Terrace duplex close to Ikeja Airport, Lagos Nigeria. The task was to revamp development on the website, employ digital marketing to lead to sale and produce a video that will showcase a sale potential for the business.

What We Did:

We produced two unique videos that highlighted the strength of the brand and also the development growth path of the property, authenticating the company as a trusted brand that has a quality and building standard efficiency as its forefront. Also, we deployed a short budget friendly digital marketing campaign that saw potential for sale reach a 64% record. Revamping the website also to enlighten the online potential of her brand worth.

Result (with Design Icons):
  • Brand Presence Growth: 74%
  • Video Likes: 548 Likes
  • Brand integrity: 100%
  • Unique Shares: 204

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