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School Of Prosperity Platform

The School of Prosperity (SOP) is an NGO set up to empower participants...

School Of Prosperity Platform

Social Media Publicity

The Challenge:

The School of Prosperity (SOP) is an NGO set up to empower participants with motivation/skills/mindset to become Nation builders and positive economic drivers. Through a two-month intensive training, students are equipped with business skills, career restructuring and improvement sessions, and strategic knowledge and Information to make them enablers for life and society. The task was to successfully organize it jointly, and measure statistics of people that could set-up products or services as start-ups, significantly get records for their jobs, all culminating in an Exhibition.

What we Did: :

  • Take up strategic publicity, on social media platforms (Facebook and WhatsApp), direct contact through sign up forms, email and direct phone calls, publicity materials via video and audio platforms.
  • During the sessions, we captured participants and help them build expectations and objectives.
  • Track followership and participation via recordable assignments, projects and group work.
  • Build hype for the exhibition and award prizes and soft grants for outstanding exhibitors.

The Result:

We recorded an estimated attendance of 200 consistent people, (86% in consistent participation) 7 completed project, 16 exhibitors of both new and already established start-ups. This is exciting as a build up for greater things to come.

What The Client Said:

"It’s beautiful that we could start something of this magnitude and the joy of being a lifter even without profit, I acknowledge the team, indeed they did very well." - Jossy Umezulora SOP Coordinator

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